Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day. Palme d'Or for Best Short Film at 69th Festival de Cannes ACADEMY AWARD® Nominee for Best Live Action Short Film 2017 European Film Academy Nominee 2017 Goya Awards - Best Live Action Short Film Gaudí Awards - Best Short Film More than 70 Awards and 200 festival selections. timecodeshortfilm.com

Director: Juanjo Giménez
Screenplay: Pere Altimira, Juanjo Giménez
Production company: Nadir Films, ECIR
Producer: Juanjo Giménez, Daniel Villanueva, Arturo Méndiz
Cinematography: Pere Pueyo
Edition: Silvia Cervantes
Sound: Xavi Saucedo
Art direction: Daniel G. Blanco
Music: Iván Céster
Cast: Lali Ayguadé, Nicolas Ricchini, Vicente Gil, Pep Domenech

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