Tubelight ka Chaand (2010)

Tublight Ka Chaand
A street urchin watches her intently…she is in full glory…veiled in her many splendor…can he reaches her? Is it possible for a mortal soul so as to touch even slightly the hem of her white incandescent gown?

Once upon a time in Kolkata, there lived a lonely little boy called Tubelight. His daily routine included washing the yellow taxis and making them sparkle like pure gold. But where is the twinkle in his lonely life? Love comes to his rescue… the boy falls in love with the queen of the night sky the Moon. With a single-minded determination, he tries to get hold of this miracle straight from the sky but in vain. He realizes it is impossible. Is pure love always unrequited? A heartwarming tale about the little boy’s love for the moon told through vividly lucid visuals in the backdrop of the languid city of Kolkata suddenly plunged into darkness.

Short Story "A boy, eking out a living on Kolkata's streets, falls one day in love with the Moon. This is the story of how he woos her."

Director: Shlok Sharma
Writer: Shlok Sharma
Star: Master Mohammad Shariq
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