Stick Man 2015

Stick Man, an animated twig, lives with his Stick Lady Love and their children in the family tree. Out one day for a jog, he meets a little boy who throws him for his dog to fetch, some children who play Pooh-sticks with him and a swan who uses him to build a nest before being washed out to sea and onto a beach far from home. After several other humiliating encounters throughout the year, he has an unexpected savior in the form of Santa Claus who helps him to get home for Christmas with his family.

Short Story - "Stick Man leaves the family tree and sets out on an adventure across the seasons in hopes of being back in time for Christmas."

Directors: Jeroen Jaspaert, Daniel Snaddon
Featured song: Looking for Stick Man
Producers: Martin Pope, Michael Rose
Story by Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler

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