The Wizard Oz

The Wizard Oz

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, known simply as "OZ”, is a self-described wizard who created a life for himself that is truly stranger than fiction. His tale conjures stories of unicorns, mermaids, a serial killer and the most cryptic magic of all, love. 'The Wizard Oz' is this week's Staff Pick Premiere. Read more about it here:

Production Company - Animal (
Director/Producer - Danny Yourd
Cinematography - John Pope
Editor - Mike LaHood
Writer - Danny Yourd & Mike LaHood Executive
Producer - Michael Killen, Kathy Dziubek, Jim Kreitzburg
Additional Writing - Fil Velgach
Assistant Camera - Mike Bacanu
Color Grade - Curtis Abbott
Intro Sequence Art Direction - Kellan Andersen
Title Design - Gavin Kosko
Audio Post Facility - Defacto Sound (
Re-Recording Mixer - Colin DeVarney Supervising
Sound Editor - Dallas Taylor, MPSE
Sound Designers - Colin DeVarney, Nick Spradlin, Kenneth Gilbert
Dialog Editors - Colin DeVarney & Nick Spradlin
Audio Post Producer - Samantha Schneble

Special thanks to Yvonne Leach

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