Peanut Butter (2017) - Indian Short Film

Peanut Butter (2017)

A coming of age story where a woman is made aware of the next evolutionary step that she is to take…A step that is bold and nonconforming to existing social paradigms…is Priya Mathur up to the challenge.

‘Peanut Butter’ is a 2017 new short film, directed and written by Manu Chobe. In the film, Gauhar Khan is playing a lead role as Priya Mathur. Peanut Butter short film release date confirmed. The short film Peanut Butter is presented by Playground digital cinema and produced by Sunil Thadani, Mohan Shetty, and Ratnesh Kumar.

Cast - Gauhar Khan, Dhiraj Totlani
Directed By - Manu Chobe
Story By - Manu Chobe, Deepak Kapur Bhardwaj
Produced By - Sunil Thadani, Mohan Shetty, Ratnesh Kumar
Editors By - Sachin Shinde, Sujit Das

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