White Shirt (2017) - Indian Short Film

White Shirt (2017)

An original take on relationships, the White shirt is the labor of love for Sumit Aroraa... And Kritika Kamra & Kunal Kapoor's most understated performances till date.

White Shirt, by writer-director Sumit Aroraa, explores what we call the “limbo” phase of crumbling romantic relationships. This part isn’t so much abusive as it is healing; it isn’t a very pleasant period either, for not only those involved but even those who watch – and reluctantly sense – this slow, inevitable fade out. When reality lingers on the cusp of turning into a memory, a series of indecisive ifs and buts often mar any prospects of ‘cinematic’ communication. Here, we feel like a fly on the wall stuck within the solemn, moody confines of a woman (Kritika Kamra) struggling to move on from the frailties and misgivings of her shifty live-in boyfriend (Kunal Kapoor).

Director: Sumit Aroraa
Cast: Kritika Kamra, Kunal Kapoor

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