A Beautiful Mistake - Indian Short Film

A Beautiful Mistake

A beautiful mistake is a short film deals with the story of a father & daughter. The story include with the emotions of the father who loved his daughter alot & the daughter had ran away with her lover... The story travels within the perspective of the father. There is a suspense in the story that he was also done that same mistake when he was at teenage. He realises that was a beautiful thing at that time but now it is a mistake...!

Written & Directed by - Prince Varghese

Producer - Ramesh.R.Pillai

Cinematography - M.S Mahesh Kadakkal

Film Editor - Unni Bhavani

Original Score - Dhanush Harikumar

MH Makeup - Mahesh Cherthala

Art Director - Bibin Baby

Costumes - Joseph CJ

Chief Associate Director - Grash

Chief Associate Cinematography - Renjith Pappukutty & Aravind Babu

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