Anuraaga Gaanam Pole - Indian Short Film

Anuraaga Gaanam Pole

'Anuraaga Gaanam Pole', a Malayalam Short Film inspired from a true story about how two strangers coincidentally meet up one fine day and as they break into the conversation they realize that it wasn't a coincidence after all!

Written and Directed by Richy K S, Story by Sanal Raj, Cinematography by Vinod M Ravi, Editing & Colouring by Kailash S Bhavan, Background Music by Arun Pradeep. Produced by Richy K S under the banner of Big Bear Productions. Muzik247 is the official online partner.

Cast: R Rajkumar, Apsara Nair, Dr. K K Hemalatha, Arun Sethumadhav

Associate Director: Arun Sethumadhav

Assistant Director: Sudeep Sudi

Assistant Camera: Hari Krishnan

Subtitles: Aishwarya Geesan

Dubbing Artist: Arya G R

Dubbing Studio: Ammu Digitals (Trivandrum)

Sound Design: Akhil Anilkumar

Poster Design: Renjith Ravi

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