Fool's Day (2013)

Fool's Day is a dark comedy about a 4th-grade class that pulls an innocent, April Fool's prank on their teacher.....that accidentally kills her. Panicked and convinced they will go to prison, the blood splattered classmates try to cover up the murder and dispose of the body before their D.A.R.E. officer shows up for his weekly lesson.

Over 50 Film Festival "WINS" and 100 "Official Selections" World Wide! 

Qualified for the 2015 Academy Awards from 'WINS' at Austin Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, and Seattle Film festival. 

Directed/Edited by Cody Blue Snider

Written by Shane Snider & Cody Blue Snider

Stars by Mitchell Jarvis, Justin Absatz, Phyllis Bowen

Director Of Photography by Alexander Chinnici

Produced by Alex Kurze & Jennifer Joelle Kachler

Co-Produced by Mike Daum & Lenny Emery

Executive Producer by Dee Snider

Associate Producer by Shane Snider & Alexander Chinnici & Tyler Bodamer

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