Get Out Fast (2017)

A 15 year old boy remembers his best friend Coyote Boy: a free-living train-hopper who has gone missing.

Writer/Director: Haley Elizabeth Anderson

Director of Photography: Jomo Fray

Producer: Josh Foster

Co-Producers: Todd D’Amour, Lauren Cargo, and Jake Graham Felson

Editor: Harry Cepka

Sound Design and Mix: Larry Lipf

Color: Elias Nousiopoulos @ The Mill

Starring: Hale Lytle, Tre’ Marquis Frazier, Dante Crichlow, Warren Derick, Tori Wolsefer, D’Angelo Davis, Todd D’Amour, Tasha Frazier, Raquel Lydia Leal, Alexis Scott, Martin Bradford, Nathan Tucker

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