Jacked (2015)

Jacked (2015)

Waylen and Russell steal cars. Each one reveals something about the personality of its owner. When they discover something of immense personal value, they find themselves in a moral dilemma: as they listen to the old audio cassettes, they hear the last words of a dying man to his family. Waylen wants to take the car back, which causes an argument between the two friends. A raw, candid portrait of youth in the mean streets of East London, of friendship, loss, and loneliness. Jacked!

Director: Rene Pannevis

Writers: Ashish Ghadiali, Rene Pannevis

Stars: Thomas Turgoose, Charley Palmer Rothwell

Music Director: Tony Coote

Awards: BIFA Award for Best British Short Film 

Screenplay: Rene Pannevis, Ashish Ghadiali

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