Jacked (2015)

Waylen and Russell steal cars. Each one reveals something about the personality of its owner. When they discover something of immense personal value, they find themselves in a moral dilemma: as they listen to the old audio cassettes, they hear the last words of a dying man to his family. Waylen wants to take the car back, which causes an argument between the two friends. A raw, candid portrait of youth in the mean streets of East London, of friendship, loss, and loneliness. Jacked!

Director: Rene Pannevis

Writers: Ashish Ghadiali, Rene Pannevis

Stars: Thomas Turgoose, Charley Palmer Rothwell

Music Director: Tony Coote

Awards: BIFA Award for Best British Short Film 

Screenplay: Rene Pannevis, Ashish Ghadiali

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