Mile 19 (2016)

Some people run for exercise and others for competition, but Johnnie Jameson runs to heal. Whether it’s the barista at your coffee shop, the valet parking your car, or the mailman who comes to your door, there are extraordinary people behind every ordinary job. Johnnie is one of them.

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Featuring: Johnnie Jameson

Director, Editor: Vincent DeLuca // Big Pup Film

Producer: Jemma Davis

DP, Editor: Karee Maxson // Big Pup Film

Associate Producer: Trevor Hall

Additional Camera: Zach Gouz

Music Supervisor: Dan Gross

Audio Post: One Thousand Birds

Sound Supervisor: Andrew Tracy

Sound Design/Mix: Calvin Pia

Production Managers: Ethan Downing, Hayley Pappas

Colorist: Gabriele Turchi

Visual Effects: Sam Sullivant

Production Secretary: Timothy Miller

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