Panmandri Cross (2016)

Plot synopsis - Pruthvi decides to drive alone in the night to attend his close friend's wedding. He stops his car on the way to drink a cup of tea where he meets Abhiksha who forces Pruthvi to drop to her village nearby. Abhiksha reveals about the dead witch who is haunting people at the nearby village called Panmandri. What happens to Pruthvi next is the ending.

Pruthvi leaves to a City to attend his friend's marriage alone by his car, On his way, a series of encounters happen which forms the crux of the story leading to a shocking climax.

Director: Arjun Kumar

Writers: Arjun Kumar, Ritvik

Stars: Akshatha, Ritvik Muralidhar, Manju Rangayana, Tejasvi

Editor: Vijeth Chandra

VFX: Ramji

Title graphics: Arjun Kumar's

Story: Arjun Kumar s, Ritvik Muralidhar

Dialogues & Screenplay: Arjun Kumar's

Producers: Marc Motion Pictures

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