Patinga (2015)

The word 'patinga' in the Kannada language is generally used in Mysuru region of Karnataka (corresponds almost exactly to that of the erstwhile princely state of Mysore) which means Rascal, Scoundrel though not exactly. It generally depicts the naughtiness of a male character.

Plot Synopsis - Robin is a carefree pizza delivery boy whose favorite pass time is amateur bike racing. On one of those regular duty days, Robin faces some unusual incidents leaving him completely clueless. Will it invite trouble for him?

Written & Directed: Shashank Soghal

Cast: Poornachandra Mysuru, Harsha Sudarshan, JK Umesha, Nancy Karen, Annet Andrew, Srikanth Babu, Shashank Soghal, Santosh Prabhu, Majeeth, Kartheek S, Nagarjun Aaradhya, Ashok Gopi

Production Manager: Shamanth Soghal

Hexacopter Pilot: Sagar V Shankaraiah

Sound Design: Sharath Vasisht

Background Score: Vijay Raj

Editing and VFX: Chandan CM

Cinematography: Rahul Roy

Concept: Chandan CM

Screenplay; Chandan CM, Rahul Roy, Shashank Soghal

Producers: Vidhama Studios and Samvaada

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