Pure-Veg (2016)

Six years ago, Arjun set sail to make a living. Now he's all set to move into Anjali's living room. People change with time but did these two?

Arjun has spent the last six years aboard Merchant Navy vessels with only the sea as the company. On returning to Mumbai, he meets Anjali, a woman he trusts to be the same since their childhood. Anjali invites Arjun to move into her apartment. Life takes a series of unexpected turns as two contrasting worlds entwine.

Starring: Naveen Kasturia, Saba Azad

Writer & Director: Aman Dahiya

Producer: Anjali D'Cunha

Director of Photography: Omkar Divekar

Sound Designer: Ankur Chaudhary

Music Composer: Yashvardhan Prasad

Editor: Jaskunwar Kohli

Title Partner: Asian paints

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