A small film about some of the big things in life. When is the time to settle, have kids and a partner for life? Does that commitment mean you will never be able to dance or watch Game Of Thrones all night long?

In this vibrant visual poem, we observe a young man and woman and hear them discuss these universal reflections. They don’t have any final answers - just a lot ‘ifs’. The frustrating beauty of life.


A film of the month by Niccolò Montanari (Founder of Berlin Fashion Film Festival) at "A short film questioning the meaning of life, while appreciating and reflecting on its beauty."


Written & directed // Jeppe Kolstrup

Starring // Eliott Lewis and Nathalie Beaulieu

DoP // Chris Lew

Format // Kodak 35mm

Producer // Surhay Nart Kilic

Editor // Ryan Løkke

Color // Lasse Marcussen/Cameo

Sound // Lars Bo / Audio Lounge

Music // Rasmus Yde

PR // Sascha Kirk

Post producer + artwork // Camilla Søholt

Production company // Bad Land

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