Two strangers from different cities having absolutely opposite personalities are made to tie the 'bond of life' - MARRIAGE. Yes, that is what Unarranged is all about! The film depicts how arranged marriages, that are still prevalent in the Indian society, are not as scary as they are thought to be.

Written & Directed: Rahul Bhatnagar

Sound & Casting: Shuaib Alam Babar

DOP: Aniket Sen Music: Arjun Asthana

Sound mix: Shashank Alamuru

Music Production Studio: Mystic Alankar

Assistant Director: Rishabh Tripathi

Cast: Tanya Singh, Syed Shabahat Ali

Additional Cast: Rishabh Tripathi, Apurva Shukla, Vipin

Edited by: Rahul Bhatnagar

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