ANGELFISH - an Experimental Short Film by Dane McCusker!

After a night at the bar, a guy invites a girl home to see his angelfish. Over the course of just a few minutes, a promising connection is cut off and a fish is no longer a fish. A taut exchange that examines acceptable behavior in dating and mating rituals.

From a crowded train to a job interview, have featured films that contribute to the conversation by revealing the subtle but devastating ways in which power dynamics play out in our daily lives. One of the most talked-about films in our office is this week’s Staff Pick Premiere: Dane McCusker’s “Angelfish,” which brilliantly explores how entitlement contributes to a brief but frightening interaction in which expectations trump consent.

ANGELFISH - an Experimental Short Film by Dane McCusker!

'Angelfish' is this week's Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here:

***OFFICIAL SELECTION*** - Aspen Shortsfest - 2017
***NOMINATED*** - Australian Directors Guild Award - 2017
***FINALIST*** - Lexus Short Film Fellowship - 2017
***OFFICIAL SELECTION*** - Atlanta Shortsfest - 2017
***OFFICIAL SELECTION*** - Hollyshorts - 2017

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