IRONY - a Comedy Short Film by Amy Nicholson.

A Comedy short film presenting by Amy Nicholson, this film also pick of Staff Pick Premiere. A single sitting can showcase every type of person from every walk of life and every corner of the world. Captured with precision and playfulness, this week’s Staff Pick Premiere utilizes visual gags, physical humor, esoteric references, and subtle reveals to recreate a series of the most iconic, ironic street scenes glimpsed in big cities. Culled from decades of New York living, filmmaker Amy Nicholson whisks us through a hilarious highlight reel of her favorite ironic moments in “Irony.”

The film could’ve been hours long, but Nicholson was strict that it be short and straightforward. She wanted to capture the odd bits of real life. “It’s such a cliche to say life is funny, but it’s so true,” she says. “Maybe that’s my way of seeing it as not boring.” And Nicholson’s life is anything but boring. If you enjoyed this short, you should rush over to her Vimeo page and check out her other shorts “Pickle” and “Beauty School,” as well as her two documentary features Muskrat Lovely and Zipper: Coney Island’s Last Wild Ride.

IRONY - a Comedy Short Film by Amy Nicholson - shortfilmtoday

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